Google Local Search Puts the K in Kwality

Discovered today: when you’re looking at the maps results for a Google search, and click on one of the listings to expand it (here, I’m clicking on the result for J. Rollins Art of Framing):

List of maps results in Google

what ACTUALLY expands is the listing above it:

Expanded result after clicking

Seems like the team there could use a slightly more rigorous set of sanity checks.


Apparently Google is in the midst of a little experimentation. A search for “frame shop” returns the following:

New link to more frame shop

See the link at the bottom….where it says “more frame shop”? That takes you to a DIFFERENT Maps page, where clicking on one of the results doesn’t expand the selection, but rather, takes you to the website directly.

Whereas a search for “gym” (same browser, same session) returns the familiar “map results for…” (upon clicking that, you get to the buggy expanding listings):

map results

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