Yext Claim Listing Bug

In trying to help a client of mine fix some nutty listing info on Citysearch, I was instructed by Citysearch support people to click the “Unlock listing” link on the page.

OK, I can do that…

But that takes you to Yext, who apparently is attempting to manage this process. I say “attempting”, because here’s what you get:


So what’s the problem?

Well….clicking on Claim It does nothing. As a nerdy developer type, I looked at the source behind that button. Nope, no link, and no Javascript onclick().

I guess there’s really no need for Yext to have a Quality Assurance department test something like this, when they can get their users to test it for free.


UPDATE: Yext fixed that bug within a couple of hours of me reporting it (great job, guys!). However, I’m disappointed to have to report that business owners no longer have any way to add or even fix a listing on CitySearch for free–you’re forced into one of the pay-per-month packages from Yext.