Google Penalty Recovery – Penalties & Manual Actions

We’ve helped many clients diagnose and recover from both Google manual penalties and algorithmic penalties.

Note that most toxic or spammy links are going to be automatically ignored by Google, although a backlink profile that’s really heavy on the super-weak link side might cause Google to lose trust in your site, and think you’re paying for manipulative links. With negative SEO attacks, typically it’s going to take a huge number of toxic links to start to have an impact–however, negative SEO attackers generally sell toxic links in packages numbering a million or more. So, if Google ignores 90% of the million nasty links your competitor had built pointing at your site, there’s still 100K of them out there. If your profile only has 100K GOOD links, then it’s still going to look like half your backlinks are trash.

We generally take on Google manual penalty recovery projects on a fixed-price basis. You don’t pay until the penalty is shown to be lifted. With any penalty recovery, you should NOT expect your traffic to return to where it was before the penalty–as your rankings before the penalty were partly because of the spammy links we removed during the penalty recovery process. You SHOULD however expect an increase in rankings and traffic somewhere between the penalized levels and the pre-penalty levels.

Note that we also offer manual penalty recovery work on an hourly rate basis ($350/hour). If you choose this option, you’ll be billed at the end of each month for the work done in that month, whether the penalty is lifted or not. Typically you should expect this option to cost you less overall, however, you’ve got to pay much earlier this way, there’s no cap, and there’s no guarantee.

Manual Penalties

Here, you will have a Manual Action showing against your site in Google Webmaster Tools. For this kind of penalty, we will analyze your backlinks, identify the ones that are likely the problem, conduct a link removal campaign, create and upload a disavow file, and then file a reinclusion request with Google on your behalf.

  • access to your Google Webmaster Tools
  • access to your Google Analytics
  • an email address @ your domain, including full ability to connect to your SMTP server (not just webmail)
When we see the penalty removed in Google Webmaster Tools, you will then be billed for our services.

Fee: $7500

Algorithmic Penalties

Here, you will NOT have a Manual Action against your site showing in Google Webmaster Tools. Instead, we will identify this kind of a penalty via a sudden traffic drop for one or more keywords, or a sudden traffic drop site-wide. For this kind of penalty, we will analyze your backlinks, identify the ones likely to be the cause of the penalty, and create a disavow file.

  • access to your Google Webmaster Tools
  • access to your Google Analytics
  • no manual actions showing in Google Webmaster Tools
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