I bill hourly @ $350/hour, and invoice monthly for work done in the prior month. I do not have minimums or monthly retainers. The majority of my clients need us for 10 to 20 hours total; after that, they might have the occasional email question, or want to invest an hour in a web conference or review of a new marketing initiative etc., but there isn’t really any ongoing expense.

I am equally happy to do all the work ourselves, or to guide and mentor your team, if you’d like to keep costs down and become more self-reliant.

For certain projects, I have a couple of subcontractors I work with for certain tasks, where I can help you keep your costs down, while still delivering a top-quality result. Implementation of my recommendations in WordPress/PHP/Drupal/Shopify etc, social media content development and promotion, local citation building, and keyword research are examples of this.

If you’re looking for general SEO advice, site audits, etc., see our SEO Process page for a rough idea of how long the various phases typically take. Please email us to arrange a time to talk on the phone about your particular situation, and we can come up with a more refined estimate.

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