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My SEO consulting services do NOT include chauffeur

While most of what we do here is hourly consulting, we do offer some additional a la carte services:

  • Links from our sites: we link to each client’s website from one of our Clients pages with your logo and a brief description of your business. Additionally, we add a link from a Google MyMap of our clients; and, we’ll pin an image from your site to our Pinterest Clients board. optional, but free
  • Monthly reporting: we summarize statistics like site traffic for key pages, rankings for your top terms, activity on your social media channels, and review your Google Search Console dashboard, reporting on any key site problems, all in a simple spreadsheet, so you can see progress month over month. The benefit to you here: we know what we’re looking for in the vast sea of information from Google Analytics, Search Console, etc. and distill it down to just the mountain tops. $200/month.
  • New backlink monitoring: for clients who are undergoing a negative SEO attack from a competitor, we download the latest links from Google Search Console and analyze them using Kerboo’s LinkRisk tool, and add any bad links to your existing disavow file. Generally, we recommend doing this on a monthly basis. $425/hour
  • SEO landscape review: periodically, we will review your site with respect to the changes in the Google algorithm that have occurred since our last review, give an analysis of how those changes might impact you or open the door to new opportunities for you. Quarterly or annually. $300 per review
Image above is my 1950 Bentley Mark VI, coming back from chauffeuring a wedding couple, which was part of a charity live auction package this year. In 2023, I supported 5 charities by including a ride in the Bentley as part of an auction item–a very fun way to give back to our local charities.

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