Lesson of the day: never assume a damn thing

On my website, I display a map of where my clients are, all over the world. Mostly because I like messing around with Google Maps via the Maps Javascript API–it’s really powerful and you can do some really cool things with it.

All of a sudden, my map went wonky. The markers would all show, but no background map or imagery would show at all!

I spent HOURS today trolling through StackOverflow, forums, etc., and finally discovered the problem.

When you include the Google Maps Javascript API file, you can specify which version of the Maps API you want to use. Of course, if you DON’T specify the version, it defaults to the current released version, right? So I was including it like this:

No version specified

WRONG. It defaults to the “experimental” version! Which is currently broken. Changing that to this:

Version 3 specified

fixed my problem.

WTF are you thinking, Maps Guys and Girls, by defaulting to the beta version that’s not really ready for prime time???


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