The Problem with Google’s Monopoly

no option to leave a review
If Google+ reviews are so important, how come it’s so difficult to leave one on a mobile device?

I’m not one of those who think Google is inherently evil, and that everything they do is a devious attempt to trick us into spending more on AdWords. OK, some of what they do is…but they’re a for-profit company, and need to do their best to make a buck for their shareholders…and that’s OK.

The problem with having a virtual monopoly on any given space is that there’s no real incentive to be better than the competition. If you release a version of your software and it’s got problems, the customers won’t leave you in droves because–well, you’re really the only game in town. Continue reading The Problem with Google’s Monopoly

Bing Shopping Feed Screening Finds Porn Everywhere

My client, The Motor Bookstore, sent me a list of over 270 of their books that Bing’s shopping feed upload had rejected, mostly because it thought the topic was porn.

And while I’ll admit I get all hot and sweaty looking at pictures of Ferraris, and have been known to utter all sorts of nasty words while working on an old car, reading from the manual to “attach part X as shown” when it’s bloody well NOT shown…shop manuals and collector guides really aren’t porn in anybody’s world. Continue reading Bing Shopping Feed Screening Finds Porn Everywhere

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