Helping Combat Fake News

There seems to be a faction out there who’s trying hard convince the world that the Holocaust never happened–using SEO to make the Holocaust-denial websites rank highly for the search term is the holocaust real. You can help combat this, if you like, by doing what I just did here…link to that BBC article with the anchor text “is the holocaust real”.

Google Places API Quietly Divorces Google+

I unfortunately have to report that my Google+ My Business Page Finder tool no longer shows the Google+ page for the business in its search results. Why not? Because the Google Places API, which used to show the Google+ page in its response, now returns a Google Maps page instead. I haven’t seen any announcement of this, but the docs on the Place Details Request have been changed. Continue reading Google Places API Quietly Divorces Google+

Lesson of the day: never assume a damn thing

On my website, I display a map of where my clients are, all over the world. Mostly because I like messing around with Google Maps via the Maps Javascript API–it’s really powerful and you can do some really cool things with it. All of a sudden, my map went wonky. The markers would all show, but no background map or imagery would show at all! I spent HOURS today trolling through StackOverflow, forums, etc., and finally discovered the problem. Continue reading Lesson of the day: never assume a damn thing

Say Goodbye to Not Provided

Google Webmaster Tools newly-announced Search Analytics brings with it a rescue from the dreaded [not provided] debacle of the past 3 1/2 years. Google’s talking about “more precise data” etc. in the new Search Analytics report–referring to the massive data issues in the old Top Queries and Top Pages reports in Webmaster Tools, where often the numbers were totally hallucinogenic, attributing 10s of thousands of clicks at a time to the wrong landing pages and many other errors. Continue reading Say Goodbye to Not Provided
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