Helping Combat Fake News

There seems to be a faction out there who’s trying hard convince the world that the Holocaust never happened–using SEO to make the Holocaust-denial websites rank highly for the search term is the holocaust real. You can help combat this, if you like, by doing what I just did here…link to that BBC article with the anchor text “is the holocaust real”.

Google Places API Quietly Divorces Google+

I unfortunately have to report that my Google+ My Business Page Finder tool no longer shows the Google+ page for the business in its search results. Why not? Because the Google Places API, which used to show the Google+ page in its response, now returns a Google Maps page instead. I haven’t seen any announcement of this, but the docs on the Place Details Request have been changed. Continue reading Google Places API Quietly Divorces Google+

Lesson of the day: never assume a damn thing

On my website, I display a map of where my clients are, all over the world. Mostly because I like messing around with Google Maps via the Maps Javascript API–it’s really powerful and you can do some really cool things with it. All of a sudden, my map went wonky. The markers would all show, but no background map or imagery would show at all! I spent HOURS today trolling through StackOverflow, forums, etc., and finally discovered the problem. Continue reading Lesson of the day: never assume a damn thing
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