New Company Info Pulldown in Google SERPs

Google is now showing a little pulldown to the right of the website URL in their search results. When you click the pulldown, you get a synopsis of the company or organization.

New company info pulldowns in Google SERPs

In the admittedly limited testing I’ve done so far, I’ve only seen info on the company pulled from two sources: Wikipedia, and DMOZ. Wikipedia is an understandable source, as Google has structured access to that information via their Freebase service. DMOZ is a different story, however, as it’s been notoriously difficult to get added to, and hence its information can be pretty thin and out of date. I did check one of the examples where the company info was pulled from DMOZ, and that same company is in Freebase as well.

Regardless, I’d call this a mildly interesting new user experience feature.