MozLocal update

I’ve been a huge fan of the MozLocal tools for submitting and managing location information for my clients. David and team have just launched a major update to the tools–one I had the privilege of beta testing (if only Google’s released tools had NEAR the quality of Moz’s beta products! #donerantingfornow).


  • Ability to enter a single listings’ information through forms, instead of creating and uploading a CSV.
  • Tools to detect and resolve duplicate listings, listings for closed locations, etc.
  • Better integration with Factual, via Factual’s Trusted Data Contributor program.

There’s a price increase to $84 per location, starting Oct. 1st–but that’s still way cheap, considering the time it saves vs. trying to submit and manage these all manually. I’d guess that I probably spent 3 or 4 hours per client location in the past, doing the submissions and verifications manually.