Google Places is Run by Extraterrestrials

Google Places is run by ET I don’t actually have proof of this, but consider the evidence:

  • Most people seem to believe they exist, but when you go to where they’re supposed to be (Area 51, Roswell, Contacting Support), you never see them, hear from them, or see any sign that they’re watching or listening.
  • Clearly, they’re doing evil experiments on us….all the time!
  • Occasionally, they make people just disappear…sometimes, they make entire towns disappear!
  • How Google Places behaves and where things appear often makes no sense to us humans.
  • When something goes wrong in Google Places, no matter what we humans try, we can’t fix it. The closest anyone has come is to get their house removed from Google Earth.
On the other hand, it IS possible to find people who say they’ve actually been contacted by extraterrestrials. Can’t say the same about Google Places support.