The Disposable Search Engine

Google Mini: a disposable search engine
Google Mini: a disposable search engine

BACKGROUND: Google Mini is essentially an appliance, a mini version of Google that they ship preconfigured on a cheap rackmount webserver, with a light version of Google installed. You can configure it a little to look like your site, and get it to catalog just your site’s pages, and then integrate a search box into your website to implement site search.

At TheBigDay, we bought a Google Mini box. It lasted a little less than a year before biting the biscuit. So, Google shipped us a new box as it was under warranty. I sort of expect that a webserver would last more like 3-5 years at least, but whatever…they replaced it, so let’s move on, right? Not real happy about all the extra time I had to put in, but at this point I was OK with the support.

Well, that replacement server lasted less than 3 months before biting the dust. Some sort of software problem that their tech support said was a known issue, but rare, and gave me some steps to go through to get it to run again. No permanent fix, but they thought it would probably not happen again. Not happy, but hey, it’s working again.

That server lasted only 4 more months before failing completely (hardware). Now, they won’t do anything to fix it as it’s outside of the ORIGINAL Mini’s warranty. They want us to buy a new box for full price of $3000. Google Mini support guy John Lowry told me on the phone that these things have a limited lifespan, and so they can’t just replace it for free every few months. Huh? I’d expect the cardboard box it came in to last longer than the servers have been lasting!

So of course we’re pretty pissed, as their appliances (essentially a webserver with a bit o’ Google software on it) are averaging about 6 months total lifespan. Obviously this is way, way under anyone’s expectations of how long a computer should last, whether it’s a webserver, laptop, or a desktop PC. ESPECIALLY when it’s living in a nice, cold, air-conditioned, clean & smooth powered datacenter like this one.

So what can I do? Not much…it’s not worth suing them for $3000. But I bet with a little help from a few bloggers out there we can make the Google Mini site the #1 result in Google for searches for disposable search engine. Which is pretty accurate, from our experience.