The Disposable Search Engine

Google Mini: a disposable search engine
Google Mini: a disposable search engine
BACKGROUND: Google Mini is essentially an appliance, a mini version of Google that they ship preconfigured on a cheap rackmount webserver, with a light version of Google installed. You can configure it a little to look like your site, and get it to catalog just your site’s pages, and then integrate a search box into your website to implement site search. At TheBigDay, we bought a Google Mini box. It lasted a little less than a year before biting the biscuit. So, Google shipped us a new box as it was under warranty. I sort of expect that a webserver would last more like 3-5 years at least, but whatever…they replaced it, so let’s move on, right? Not real happy about all the extra time I had to put in, but at this point I was OK with the support. Continue reading The Disposable Search Engine

Double-translation spam

We got a little traffic from at TheBigDay, and for various reasons I decided to poke my nose in a little deeper…and was quite entertained by the spammy trick I discovered. It seems is (well, WAS…the site’s dead now!) scraping content from Yahoo Answers in order to generate lots of pages of juicy content for the search engines to digest and index, in the hopes of driving more traffic. Continue reading Double-translation spam

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