Google Local Search Puts the K in Kwality

Discovered today: when you’re looking at the maps results for a Google search, and click on one of the listings to expand it (here, I’m clicking on the result for J. Rollins Art of Framing):

List of maps results in Google

what ACTUALLY expands is the listing above it:

Expanded result after clicking

Seems like the team there could use a slightly more rigorous set of sanity checks.


Apparently Google is in the midst of a little experimentation. A search for “frame shop” returns the following:

New link to more frame shop

See the link at the bottom….where it says “more frame shop”? That takes you to a DIFFERENT Maps page, where clicking on one of the results doesn’t expand the selection, but rather, takes you to the website directly.

Whereas a search for “gym” (same browser, same session) returns the familiar “map results for…” (upon clicking that, you get to the buggy expanding listings):

map results

Setting your city in Google–only works for Maps now

It USED to be that when you set your location via Search Tools in Google, it would control where Google thought you were searching from, affecting the organic/local universal results and the maps results (yeah, the AdWords results were ALWAYS messed up on this, and still are).

As of today, it seems that setting your location ONLY controls the Maps results in the 7-pack…look at the screenshot below and you’ll see the local universal results controlled by where I’m geolocated to be from my IP address (Portland).

Mixed location results in Google search

New Company Info Pulldown in Google SERPs

Google is now showing a little pulldown to the right of the website URL in their search results. When you click the pulldown, you get a synopsis of the company or organization.

New company info pulldowns in Google SERPs

In the admittedly limited testing I’ve done so far, I’ve only seen info on the company pulled from two sources: Wikipedia, and DMOZ. Wikipedia is an understandable source, as Google has structured access to that information via their Freebase service. DMOZ is a different story, however, as it’s been notoriously difficult to get added to, and hence its information can be pretty thin and out of date. I did check one of the examples where the company info was pulled from DMOZ, and that same company is in Freebase as well.

Regardless, I’d call this a mildly interesting new user experience feature.

Google testing 100 results per page

While doing keyword research for a client, I spotted a longer than usual set of results.

REALLY longer.

So I counted them. 100 organic results for “vinyl fencing”. Redid the search, back to the usual 10.

Here’s the screenshot of the page compressed as much as I could…so at least you can see I’m not lying :-)

100 results on page 1?

Followup: my initial query URL was:

clicking on the “2″ (page) link at the bottom took me to this URL (note the num= and the startat= parameters):

Independent search engine optimization (SEO) consultant Michael Cottam. Independent SEO Consultant Michael Cottam
3166 N Winchell Street, Portland, OR US 97217 (503) 283-0177
45.580359 -122.699297